Who’s going to write my work? Are they competent?

All authors of scientific papers that work in our information research center at least have completed higher education (Bachelors), maximum – academic degree (MA, PhD). The vast majority of them practice teaching in colleges, some are postgraduate educational institutions, and some work in research associations. All the writers have considerable experience writing student work, minimum – 5 years.

What is the procedure of return the work to completion?

Work with the comments and amendments should be sent to us and negotiate the terms revision.

Do I need to make a prepayment?

Yes, prepayment is a mandatory procedure, which gives us the assurance that you need work.

I live in another city. How can I order and pay for my paper?

For customers living in another city, or simply wishing to order a work remotely, you can order it using our online order form. After you have clarified all the requirements and will deposit you listed – you will receive your e-mail copy of the receipt as proof of your order.

I designed the application on site. How long will I wait for an answer?

If the application has been submitted during the working day – the answer on the cost of the work you will receive in a few hours. If the work is specific and requires a special evaluation procedure – you will be notified when your work will be appreciated.

Is it possible to writing a research paper in parts?

Yes, writing a research paper by parts possible. This is carried out to keep control of your work over the degree project.

The teacher changed the work plan already after the paper was written. How to be in this case?

Changing the pre- approved plan (options or themes of work) is not covered by warranty, in this situation, you will have to pay for the processing of the work. Therefore, we recommend our customers to always approve the plan of course or research work at supervisor.
I ordered the work and made down payment, but it happened so that the work is no longer needed.

You return the down payment?
If the author has not yet began to do your work, then we can return your down payment.

What are the terms of performance?

All terms are considered individually, and in performing the work, we focus on meeting the deadlines. In addition, we have a service “urgent” in the order that has the ability to perform any of your work in less than 1 day.